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Crib Creations | Company Profile
Crib Creations designs, manufactures & installs custom kitchens, bespoke joinery, and offers design and visualization service to help make your interior design & furniture projects a reality.
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Company Profile

Olde Hand Interiors was founded in 1997. In 2013 ownership changed hands and a new vision was conceptualised for the Company. Against this background, the new owner, Jean Booyens of Crib Creations, merged Olde Hand Interiors and Crib Creations to create a fresh and dynamic role-player in the industry.

At Crib Creations ethical values and social responsibility are key aspects of our business model as each associate is critical to our success.

We are constantly developing our team of artisans and carpenters to ensure they utilize current techniques and produce items to the highest level of quality.

In this day and age, time is money and money is time. With an increasing population and demand for living space, innovative thinking to design well thought out personal spaces is key.

Cape Town is a fast growing city with high demands in the standards of quality, creativity and optimum delivery. These factors will makes one’s project, home or investment stand out from the rest.

At Crib Creations we are continually adapting to the needs of the market to which we offer a multitude of services in one Company, which allows for a more stream lined project, high quality and faster results.

You can find a list of our Innovation and Solution Areas below and how these will benefit you as a Company, Developer or Private Client. These services are backed by a large amount of knowledge and expertise from multiple backgrounds which we believe gives Crib Creations an advantage in the industry.

We believe that the staff of Crib Creations strive to keep the reputation of the Company held in high regard. This is achieved by employing dedicated, well-disciplined and skilled personnel. Between them, the team offer the expertise and skill set of an industrial designer, an architect, a mechanical engineer and skilled artisans.

Crib Creations works with many leading suppliers in the industry to ensure that we do not compromise quality where it matters most. We go as far as presenting our clients with up front specifications on the products and finishes as discussed in the first meeting with the Representative, to make sure that we deliver on our promises and that the client is fully informed as to what they are receiving.

We look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards

Jean Booyens


  • We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technologies in conjunction with international trends to produce the highest quality products with a unique perspective.
  • We work closely with many top suppliers to ensure maximum quality and expertise in all arenas.
  • Projects are approached and designed to seamlessly integrate various materials, finishes and techniques.


Listening to client needs ensures faster and smoother turnaround times.

  • Project Management : Our team will Project Manage our installation from start to finish and arrange all aspects of your desired result.
  • Design Team : The design team will begin with a sketch or drawing, research all requirements, then cost and produce your product using detailed CAD drawings.
  • 3 Dimensional Visuals : We are also able to produce high quality renders to assist in visualizing your dream
  • Workforce : Skilled artisans and installation teams fulfill the on-site technical requirements.


Our varied clientele include projects across all industries from commercial to residential and include some of the top names in the industry.

Please click on the links below for more information on a selection of our projects.



Jean Booyens, has a background in joinery and prior to Olde Hand Interiors T/A Crib Creations, he grew his company, Crib Creations, since 2008, with the focus on quality custom joinery, kitchens and cabinetry to discerning clientele.

Crib Creations has been privileged to work alongside numerous well known Architects and Designers, with great success, cementing a reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Jean Booyens


Johan Harmse (Designer & Project Manager)

After qualifying as an Architect, Johan, through his passion for Architecture and natural timber, was determined to grow his portfolio and pursued a career as a 3D designer and Project Manager. Skilled in various software packages Johan has the ability to produce photo-realistic images of any design, ranging from large scale buildings to intricate tailor-made joinery. Being in the industry for eight years has given Johan the experience to develop strong problem solving skills and a very high attention to detail allowing him to handle a project timeously and through to completion.

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